Learn photography in 10 lessons - «ФОТО-ВИДЕО»

Learn photography in 10 lessons - «ФОТО-ВИДЕО»
Название: Learn photography in 10 lessons
Автор: Luigi Calabrese
Издательство: Luigi Calabrese
Год: 2018
ISBN: 8822840070
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 87
Размер: 18,5 mb
Язык: English

For the past several years, we have been helping photography enthusiast cultivate their passion. Trying to understand the needs of our followers, we found we were missing something: some sort of tool which could provide a step-by-step guidance to beginners, that is people who have just bought their first camera and would like to take up this interesting hobby, people who need to learn (better said, to acquire, to become familiar with) the basic principles of photography.

So we have created 10 practical lessons aimed at explaining the basic concepts and some easy exercises that will help you get familiar with the topics covered.

We are very proud of the result: what we have created is probably the shortest possible way to become a good photographer.

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