DIY Solar Panels: You CAN Build Them! - «СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВО И РЕМОНТ»

DIY Solar Panels: You CAN Build Them! - «СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВО И РЕМОНТ»

Автор: Patrick Minns
Название: DIY Solar Panels: You CAN Build Them!
Издательство: Patrick John Minns
Год: 2015
Язык: English
Формат: epub
Размер: 10,8 mb
Страниц: 263

This book is unique – it is written in plain language so you are able to absorb, digest and apply the information. Written with the novice in mind, I assume the reader is new to photovoltaics. I go into great detail where it is appropriate, and I offer sources for additional information on important skills.
• Illustrations – Photographs, drawings, and sketches are positioned throughout the book to emphasize various pieces of information and concepts.
• Access to our exclusive How-To video library – Several of the skills and tasks needed throughout the handcrafting process lend themselves nicely to being filmed. This eBook contains VQR bar codes (Visual Quick Response) in twenty-one places throughout the eBook. When scanned with a smart phone or tablet, each VQR bar code is linked to a specific “How-To” video from our exclusive library. Each video corresponds to a task you will need to perform as you handcraft your solar panel. If you would rather watch them on a computer, you may visit our YouTube channel to watch as many times as you need. The videos are shot from an angle designed to give the viewer the same perspective as if they were performing the tasks as opposed to being a spectator. Each video is narrated describing the task in great detail, and tips are shared for ease of execution when it is your turn.
• Recreational vehicles and boats are two examples where solar panels can have a dramatic positive effect on capacity for on-board electronics. Additionally, depending on the number of solar panels and deep cycle batteries, storing solar power on both gives increased range because you won’t need shore power at all.
• Climate change brings about unpredictable weather extremes that often lead to power outages for durations of time ranging from hours to weeks depending on the remoteness of the location. Harnessing solar power by storing it in deep cycle batteries gives protection against power outages, and provides self-reliance in remote locations.

You can build solar panels for items such as cell phone charging, computers/laptops, outdoor security lighting, electric fencing, bird bath fountains, electronic sprinkler timers, battery operated door locks (rechargeable batteries), cordless drills, cordless saws, CB radios, HAM radios, TV’s, GPS devices, tablets… just about everything we view as a necessity in our daily lives. The possibilities are limitless!

Whether you are focused on climate change, or you simply wish to reduce your utility costs by generating your own electricity, solar panels are an eco-friendly way to do your part in saving our plant. You can build solar panels by hand in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Once you learn the skills from this eBook you can handcraft custom solar panels for any number of uses.

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